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Photo Booth Tips and Tricks

While the life of a photo booth picture taker may appear to be spectacular, I guarantee you – it is.

All things considered, here’s your manual for making a fruitful kick-ass photo booth.banner1-11-1024x322

1. Supplies

Scenery – either a 5 ft or a 9 ft setting can be purchased at your nearby camera store (genuine camera store, people, not Ritz) for $25-$50.

I’ve attempted designed backgrounds, as customers have recommended them – the outcome? Take after your heart.

Now and then toning it down would be ideal, and this is a period when that is precisely the case! A basic, inconspicuous setting makes the subjects more conspicuous, and much “less” like they’re posturing for Santa!

(This stall beneath appeared to be more similar to an ‘enchantment eye’ than anything!)

Lights – I utilize two White Lightning x1600′s, and bring along one reinforcement in the event of some unforeseen issue. I get a kick out of the chance to utilize the cybersync battery-controlled radio transmitters to transfer the glimmer, yet a sync rope likewise works – the length of you position the lights so they can get each other’s light (in the event that they’re in perspective of each other, they’ll fire consequently). In case you’re in a tight spot, position one light specifically inverse the background and it will give a basic look without appalling shadows. This stall was really finished with one light (cautioning PG-13).

Here are a few graphs to demonstrate to you how I get a kick out of the chance to set up the corner.

In different setups, similar to this one or this one, I’ll switch it up to get cool backdrop illumination. In the fluxx corner, I took a 580ex II and set it on ‘expert’, then had 2 different 580′s out of sight to work as slaves, while 2 x1600′s simply turned on steady light. In the andaz rockstar stall, I utilized a x1600 as a part of front, and both of alternate x1600′s I set behind the subjects, yet confronting me – which gave it a solid *stage* nearness.

2. Props

I believe there’s a HUGE nearness of the EXACT SAME props at weddings. Furthermore, you can discover every one of them at Party City! You know the ones I’m discussing: enormous shades, cushioned boas, amusing rancher caps. Weak.

On the off chance that you need to go amazing photobooth, as I do, then customize the damnation outta’ em!

Discover the topic or style of the wedding. What’s more, Get INTO it. For hell’s sake, spend enough to make a solid quality and an extraordinary affair for your customers and their visitors. I purchased this B.C. Rich Warlock guitar and equaled the initial investment on this stall, yet, guess what? I’ll be utilizing the SAME props for an occasion at the Hard Rock one week from now. SCORE! What’s more, you know what else? I’m going to get some acknowledgment for a truly kick-ass stall AGAIN. It pays to put resources into yourself and the experience you’re making.

Subsequent to doing numerous stalls, I have a feeling that I’m a bazaar jokester with all these peculiar frill, however it’s coming to the heart of the matter where I can begin re-utilizing them and begin benefitting from my underlying venture. I did a photobooth for Sidebar a year ago on Cinco de Mayo – think about who has two thumbs and is doing one for Andaz this year? The truth is out – THIS GUY!wood2

Things being what they are, which props WORK and which DON’T? Here’s a rundown that gives you a thought:


Shades. At any rate you can work them in, do it. I think everybody covertly has a yearning to wear shades in the club, party, and so on. Help them experience their fantasy. Get them in sets of four.

Clever caps/wigs. The moment they put these on, giggling follows. Give nature a chance to follow through to its logical end. Yes, you’re continually going to get a germaphobe guaranteeing they’ll get some infection from wearing a wig that another person wore for three seconds, yet whatever – germaphobes are the ones that covertly need to get the craziest in the photobooth at any rate! Simply hold up until they have a couple of mixed drinks in them!

Mustaches. These are precarious, on the grounds that you need to purchase one for every individual – however the subsequent photographs and the satisfaction individuals get are justified, despite all the trouble. In addition, in the event that you get them on EBay, they’re super shabby!

Shades. Yes, I’m stating it again on the grounds that individuals cherish them that much.

Gloves. Simple on, simple off.

Handheld subject things. Conceptualize thoughts from TV appears, motion pictures, or ideas that mirror the topic you’re making. Which of these will enroll in the brains of visitors at the occasion? Occasion topics are truly clear, yet make a point to incorporate things that individuals really need to hold/wear as opposed to simply cool knickknacks.

Coats/Ponchos/Scarfs. Try not to get ones that are entangled. Anything that must go over the head isn’t going to fly. “A lot of exertion!”


Accessories. Without a doubt, they’re cool, yet individuals won’t see them as a segment in photographs. They may add to the experience, however that doesn’t exceed the expense, as I would like to think.

Fundamentally all little stuff. I was going to say rings, finger paws, and so forth. Be that as it may, the thing is, little stuff simply doesn’t get took note. In this way, don’t purchase it. On the off chance that it’s a little prop that showcases the occasion subject, attempt to think that its super-sized, similar to a syringe… um, better believe it.

Garments that require significant investment to put on. No one’s going to put on a full outfit. All things considered, possibly ONE individual may. In any case, in all probability they won’t. Furthermore, ensembles cost a ton to lease or purchase contrasted with littler props.

Things you put in your mouth. [Insert joke here] But truly, I utilized vampire teeth for a Halloween photograph corner and they weren’t a hit. They were singular teeth, so every individual had their own, yet at the same time – visitors weren’t fanatics of them.

Extravagant props. In case you’re going to do it, be set up to lose them. Individuals definitely drop props, spill mixed drinks on them, misuse them, or coincidentally “take them.” when in doubt, attempt to keep every prop in the $5-10 territory.

I grabbed fake eyelashes for a specific corner – stand out person wore them, and that was on the grounds that I asked him to. Got a cool look, yet this fair calls attention to – regardless of how cool YOU think a thought is, others won’t as a matter of course concur. (We were going for a perfect timing orange look in this corner.)


Ebay. Craigslist. Bug Markets. Dollar Store. JoAnn Fabric. All-year outfit shops. (In a specific order of inclination). These spots are pearls, I tell ya.

3. Posturing:

Solo shots turn out best and I’ve discovered customers like negative space so they can put their logos – likewise focuses on the topic superior to anything bunch stuff. These make it onto Facebook profile pictures significantly more, which clubs affection to see (and clearly the individual loves), so it’s a win-win.

Hopping. Individuals adore it. Particularly in entertaining ensembles.

Bunch shots – these don’t turn out the best stylishly, however individuals love doing them. Give them the delight of doing the class photograph of ’79. The turn away. Realize that it’s not going to have the photograph corner subject to it, however hey, they’re having a wonderful time. Furthermore, that is HALF the experience – so don’t ‘eff it up for them by letting them know it’s not going to turn out, simply let them ride.

Unavoidably, there are going to be visitors that need to do ‘only a typical’ photograph – clearly overlooking what’s really important of a photograph stall. Cleverness them at any rate. Like I said, the vast majority of this administration is the experience included.

4. Post-stall handling

Set-up and bring down. Consider around a hour every way, extra focuses if a visitor annihilates the stall by falling into it while plastered. Joking. Make a point to have enough of the move to permit no less than two falls. These will apparently begin around a few hours into the occasion. Also remember that certain photo booth rental companies such as Photo Booth Daly City will provide many of these accessories in their packaging options.

Altering. Attempt to get everything to fit in the shaded space out of sight. Crop out stragglers if important. In the event that it’s somewhat dull, strap a Lightroom preset on that mammoth and clump handle that biotch.

Miss anything? Let me know in the remarks beneath and I’ll get right back to ya. Cheerful Wednesday, and go Warriors!